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Porcelain Mosaic & Glass Ceramic Technical & Natural Stone

Second Floor Studios & Arts launch event

On Wednesday night Domus hosted the Second Floor Studios & Arts launch event for their Three100 fundraising campaign. Money is being raised by Second Floor Studio & Arts to secure 30,000sqft of permanent affordable studio space for artists and makers at the Anthology London Deptford Foundry residential development.

100 artists and makers have each pledged one or more pieces of work to raise funds for studio provision for fellow artisans. The space will provide a community of members, a vibrant hub of creative exchange, collaboration, peer support, mentoring, education and outreach.

Tessellate – Letterpress screenprint by Kim Vousden £35 + VAT 2017 / Oil based letterpress inks, Fabriano 200 gsm smooth / 29.7 × 35cm (Unframed)

Speakers at the event were Matthew Wood and Nichole Herbert-Wood from Second Floor Studios & Arts, Ben Allen from Anthology Deptford Foundry, Charles Graham from Rolfe Judd Architects and Laia Gasch, from Greater London Authority (Mayor’s Office). All speakers reiterated the importance of securing low-cost space for artists in London and the benefits it brings to the city.

Some of those who pledged work are David Gates, Playpaint and Richard McVetis. Many pieces of art were available to see at Domus on Wednesday, and over £20,000 was raised on the night. More art is still available to purchase, and a catalogue of the pieces donated can be viewed here.

Demo 04 (008.0) / Demo 05 (Maggie) (008.1) by Andrea Medjesi-Jones £3,000+ VAT 2014 / Aluminium powder & Acrylic / 55 × 65 × 2cm

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