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From design and aesthetics to installation and maintenance, there are a number of questions which tend to arise when it comes to wood flooring. When thinking about using wood in an interior design project, here are some of the top considerations.

Can underfloor heating be installed with Domus Wood flooring?

Yes absolutely, but there are certain 'technical' criteria that need to be adhered to in order to ensure that the wood remains in an optimum condition. For example, the subfloor needs to be sound and completely dry and an expansion gap is vital. Domus advise keeping the underfloor heating system turned on all year round, even in summer when it can be kept at a minimum temperature. The key is to avoid sudden changes in temperature. Domus Wood works very well with underfloor heating and Domus can issue a technical specification for the relevant parties explaining how to acclimatise the wood, including best practise in commissioning and running the heating system in conjunction with a real wood floor.



What are the best types of wood that work well for flooring?
Oak is strong and durable. It also responds relatively consistently when oils and lacquers are applied, thus making it a popular choice. Nowadays the best oak sources tend to come from Poland, and surrounding areas, where they have very well managed forests with oak trees dating back over 800 years, fully protected by law since 1946. This is where Domus Wood is sourced. Other species are also available; for example, walnut is popular for its natural swirling, rich, almost chocolaty appearance that does not really need any addition of colour. Ash is popular and olive, too, which has a distinctive, rich pattern that offers a luxurious alternative and is extremely dense.

Why choose engineered wood over solid wood?

Engineered wood involves a more complex and additional manufacturing process which makes it much more stable than solid wood. An 11mm high quality plywood base adds the important dimensional stability required for flooring, making it more suitable for use with underfloor heating, and generally makes installation easier. Wood is a living, 'breathing' material, and Domus engineered wood looks every bit as beautiful as solid wood. It has a 4mm oak top layer which can be sanded back several times during the floor's lifetime. When it comes to choosing a wood floor, most important is the quality of the wood used. Beware of cheap solid wood and engineered wood floors which are generally made from inferior quality wood, often not from a responsibly managed, sustainable source. It is important to check that whatever wood product you are buying is FSCĀ® certified which guarantees that it is from a sustainable source.



What are the latest design trends for wood flooring?

In terms of profile, Domus has noticed a big resurgence of parquet style wood flooring. Herringbone is the traditional shape for this, while chevrons give a contemporary twist. There are 13 plank, chevron and herringbone options in the Domus Wood range to choose from. A natural finish is very popular at the moment, where the inherent characteristics of the wood are visible. At Domus, there are a number of different specialist treatments and finishes applied to the wood which allow the unique character and natural texture of the wood to be seen. Colours are moving away from the traditional overly warm tones toward Scandinavian inspired lighter and natural shades. Natural wood colours are resurgent as are greys, in particular those that can successfully carry a warm feel. Wood is timeless. There are over 60 shades of Domus Wood. Certain colours are kept in stock in the UK for fast delivery. Please check with a Domus Sales Consultant for further details.  

Are there specific installation and maintenance procedures for wood flooring?

Yes. In terms of installation, site conditions are of utmost importance. Domus can offer advice relating to the subfloor, subfloor preparation, adhesive, acclimatisation, expansion and acoustics. When it comes to looking after a wood floor, entrance matting is important and we recommend felt pads be applied to the underside of furniture feet. Cleaning is simple - a regular 'dry' cleaning regime is important, with a traditional dustpan and brush being hard to beat. In additional support of this, just a mild detergent and a slightly damp cloth will remove marks and contaminants. Domus provides installation advice for everybody who places a wood order. Speak to one of the team at Domus for more details.  

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